About Shannon

Things I love




-Time with my puppies

-Time with my fiance

-Time with my friends

....Just time in general

-Nicholas Sparks


-Disney Princesses

-The Notebook

-Harry Potter

-The color pink

-all types of music (mostly country)


-Summer Shandy

-The Browns

About Jon

Things I love

- My beautiful fiance, Shannon

- My niece, Neeners

- Concerts

- Being on the Island with no plans and nothing to do

- My motorcycle

- Any place where sand meets the water

- The Browns

How we met

We met through a mutual friend actually going out on a double date at "The Melting Pot" on February 23rd, 2011. We were instant friends and had a lot in common. Even while we were friend we were there for each other through my mom's sickness, break-ups and many other things. So we started texting and decided we wanted to go out for a drink as friends. Then we were texting more and found out we had many things in common like:

1. Country Music Lovers

2. Passionate and motivated for what we do

3. Caring

4. Outdoor things (camping, working out, motorcycles, Summer Shandy!,  and the beach(ie Kelleys Island)

5. Puppies

6. The Browns (Cleveland Sports Teams)

So we went out on our first date on August 20th, 2011...

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